About Palm Beach AC Services - Palm Beach, FL


Palm Beach AC Services Palm Beach, FL 561-395-0769It has been just over two decades of operating in the world of AC service, maintenance and repair, and these two decades has seen Palm Beach AC Services become the provider of the most preferred services for our clients in the region. With us starting operations, it took us no time to be the customer’s favorite provider, be it residential or commercial ones. With the promise of an esteemed customer service in air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation, we have secured the position of the best provider of such services in the region today. This is why our helpline number 561-395-0769 can be found handy with home owners and commercial property owners alike today.

Our team:

The real reason why today we are a trusted brand in the air conditioning care industry in Palm Beach, FL area is all attributable to the relentless effort and skill of our team. We have core team of adroitly skilled professionals with a sound knowledge of air conditioners and the various modules which constitute it. In addition to the technical upskillling, we constantly have them go through soft skills trainings in order to have an acute customer focus and professionalism when they serve our clients.

Our work culture:

The culture which we have incepted in our team is driven to get the best out of our technicians, in a way which pleases our customers. This is what Palm Beach AC Services is known for amongst our customers today, and our relentless efforts to up our ante has given an even better service to our customers, whenever we have been called upon for our job. So if you do not want to compromise on your air conditioner, make sure that you partner with us – the very best provider of such services.

Our network

It is what one would call a very humble beginning – starting from a very small workshop two decades back, has seen us come to having the most comprehensive network of workshops in Palm Beach, FL today. While we have a string of brick and mortar stores, the real mobility and swiftness in our service comes through our fleet of mobile vans which help our team reach the distressed customers even in the most remote of locations. This way whenever you happen to give us a call for our service, you can be assured that it would not take us more than 20 minutes to reach you.

What we promise?

  • Nothing less than a 24X7 service to our clients which is more than necessary in Palm Beach, FL , given the torrential heat and warmth .
  • Appreciating fully how the installation and maintenance of air conditioners can puncture your pocket, you will find some of the most cost effective services being rendered by our teams.
  • Waiting for getting your AC serviced isn’t an option when you choose us. We have a record of serving customers within 15-20 minutes from first contact.

Looking for affordable AC services which take care of all your needs? Then make a call on 561-395-0769 today!