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Think of that one appliance in your home which is most crucial for your comfort and well being at home, and your air conditioner will undoubtedly come up. For someone who lives in Palm Beach, FL area and has to jostle with the extremely warm conditions here, an air conditioner is certainly a boon. But in addition to the air conditioner that you have installed, you also need to pay heed to the overall air quality in your premises. A host of miscreants such as smoke, dust particles, pollen and other microbes can cause havoc and a lot of danger to the health of the dwellers in the premises.

Well don’t fret as Palm Beach AC Services is around! Being a market leader in the air conditioning space in the region, we have extensive experience in not just providing cooling solutions to our clients but have also developed extensive experience in air quality control measures for them. Our indoor air quality experts have helped turn around the air quality in some of the most deteriorated premises for our clients in the region – and that’s exactly why you should call us on 561-395-0769!

By taking control of your indoor air quality, here’s what you can achieve:

  1. Stay Healthier: A lasting health of you and your family through an improved air quality can bring in synergistic results into other areas of your life.
  2. Lower energy bills: A cleaner air helps your HVAC to function efficiently by cooling every spot evenly thereby, reducing the electricity bills for you.
  3. Protects investment: Another desirable effect of improved air quality is that the various components of the air conditioner are protected against microbial growth or corrosion, thereby helping them function efficiently.

How can I improve my air quality?

Now that we have been able to turn you around on the subject of the importance of air purification in your premises, let’s face the next monster of how to go about doing it. The reason why this is a hard nut to crack is that from organic matter flying rife in the air to small dust and silt particles, there are a host of factors which contribute to the air quality degrading and this is increases the fronts on which any air quality control or remediation solution will have to work.

You can still start with the ones below:

  • Make sure that you regularly change the filter of the AC, and clean it from time to time.
  • Ensure that a professional helps you with clearing out the duct and the vent in the air conditioning system.
  • Make the conscious investment into an able air filtration system.
  • Make the choice of choosing whole house air purifiers rather than standard filtration systems
  • Install  UV lights to tackle micro-organisms and other biological growth
  • Dehumidifiers/humidifiers can help you control the humidity levels in the premises.

Which system is right for me?

There is a lot of subjectivity involved in choosing the right system for you as the requirement of each office or residential facility is unique. Thus forget about getting one of your friends or an online manual to tell you which system to install. Thankfully, Palm Beach AC Services has had the relevant experience in assessing specific demands of HVACs for businesses and maintaining them in hygienic conditions.

You would ask what puts us in a position of power when it comes to making the right choice of an air conditioner for a host of facilities. It’s just the sheer of experience and the skill of selecting which we have developed over the two decades of working with clients that allows us to recommend the right solutions.

Breathe easy and take in the air with sheer confidence, when you have the best air cooling and purification expert in Palm Beach, FL by your side. Simply call 561-395-0769!